Want to get more gigs and press for your music? Then you need an electronic press kit, or an EPK. An Electronic Press Kit is essentially your resume as a musician. It’s a place where promoters, venue managers, journalists, and music supervisors can find all of the info they need to promote you. Your EPK helps them to understand who you are, what you’ve done, and why they should care about you. Members of the press don’t want to scour the internet to find the information they need. They’ll want to promote the band that is the easiest to write about.

How to make an EPK

Write a short and long EPK bio.

The short bio is meant to sell you to the press in only a paragraph. They’re busy, so they have very little time to read your life story. The long bio can include more detail of your “story.” That’s there if they need even more info to promote you.

Music Samples.

Tracks you want to promote in mp3 or wav form. Make sure your most popular or most recent songs are first. Only 30-60 seconds of the track will be on the site.

Use professional photos.

Professional High Res Photos (300dpi) of you, your band, your album art and live gig photos. If you haven’t gotten a photoshoot yet, get one. It will pay dividends in your marketing. Include both horizontal and vertical images to give your promoters options, incase the promoter needs an image to fit in a very specific layout.

Embed music videos

Videos uploaded directly to the website or links to YouTube or Vimeo. If you have any high quality videos of your live performances, include those too. Showing footage is great for convincing promoters.


Links to social media and the store where they can buy your music and merch. Put in the header or footer, so it appears on every page.


Have an updated calendar with any shows you have coming up and past performances. They’ll help the promoter know when you’re available and show how busy you are.

Rider - Tech and Hospitality

A tech rider is a document that gives the venue a feel for the technical requirements of your performance. They include things like how many mics you’ll need, the number of inputs and cables necessary, your stage plot, etc. Make sure this PDF is downloadable from the site.

A hospitality rider is a document that gives the venue your hospitality needs such as food and beverage requirements in the green room, comp tickets needed etc.

Tech and Hospitality Rider
Download PDF • 547KB

Past Press

List a few compelling quotes from past press, linking back to the full articles. Also list past press releases.

Note any relevant mentions.

Awards and quotes from well known critics or organizations.

Provide any contact details.

Contact info for you or your booking agent, or both. Contact details should be in the header or footer so it appears at the bottom of every page.

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