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Each day has a national observance or holiday, which provides small businesses the perfect opportunity to pitch their brand or product to the media and customers. It provides the perfect tie-in for news and incentive for purchase. To properly capitalize on these days, carefully select which holidays are most relevant for your brand. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming, and you do not want to overwhelm your customers with too many holidays and promotions. Search national holidays using your SEO keywords. For example, Woops! is a bakery so we look for national macaron days, national cookie days, national dessert days, and the like.

Once you have selected the national days you’d like to focus on, properly prepare a few months ahead of time. Decide on the specific campaign details, choose your imagery, prepare social media posts, and develop relationships with producers and reporters at key media outlets. Among national days, it is also important to remember the big holidays (Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Holiday season, etc.) that virtually everyone celebrates and leverages. Give extra attention to those key holidays, but also find the best ones to serve your niche. 


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